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Coke leads the bunch! First soft drink partially AI created

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Coke has made it!

In a world where consumer tastes are evolving rapidly, Coca-Cola, the global soft drink giant, has unveiled its latest creation - Coca-Cola Y3000. What sets this beverage apart from the rest isn't just its mysterious taste, but the fact that it's the first soft drink in history to be designed with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In an era where sugary drinks are under scrutiny and the quest for innovation is constant, Coca-Cola's venture into AI-designed beverages is a leap into the future.

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A Taste of Tomorrow: Coca-Cola Y3000

Coca-Cola Y3000 is not just another soda; it's an experience of the future. The soft drink is a part of Coca-Cola's "Creations" platform, which aims to captivate younger consumers and breathe new life into its iconic product. While Coca-Cola Y3000 maintains the classic Coke taste, it adds a unique twist, making it taste like the future itself.

To craft this futuristic flavor, Coca-Cola turned to artificial intelligence. The journey began with gathering human insights to understand what flavors people associate with the future. Then, AI took the reins to explore flavor pairings and profiles, creating something entirely new. The result is a beverage that offers the familiarity of Coke with an exciting hint of the unknown. The AI touch extends beyond the liquid itself; even the packaging is influenced by AI-generated images, giving it a distinctive Y2K aesthetic.

The Intersection of Taste and Technology

Coca-Cola's fusion of taste and technology goes beyond the liquid in the can. The packaging design, with its funky bubbles, pink and blue coloring, and pixelated logo, is a testament to AI's creative influence. The can proudly declares that it's "Co-Created with AI," signaling a bold step into a future where technology plays a central role in flavor innovation.

Coca-Cola Y3000 is available in both zero and full sugar varieties in the United States and Canada, offering options for health-conscious consumers and those seeking a traditional taste. It's a limited-time offering, adding an element of exclusivity to this futuristic creation.

A Journey into the Future

Coca-Cola's commitment to engaging consumers in innovative ways extends beyond the can itself. By scanning a QR code on the Y3000 package, customers are transported to the Creations site, where they can envision what the world might look like 977 years from now. It's a clever blend of online experiences and real-life products, making the future feel closer than ever.

In collaboration with luxury streetwear brand Ambush, Coca-Cola has also introduced a limited-edition capsule collection, further blurring the lines between soft drinks and high fashion. This approach aligns with Coca-Cola's previous partnership with fashion brand Highsnobiety, demonstrating its ability to merge the worlds of style and refreshment.

Exploring Boundaries with Creations

Coca-Cola's Creations platform isn't just about inventing new flavors; it's about pushing boundaries and engaging consumers in unique ways. Previous limited-edition offerings, such as Coca-Cola Ultimate for gamers, Starlight inspired by space, Dreamworld with a dreamy taste, and Byte with a pixel flavor, have all added a touch of excitement to the soda aisle. Collaborations with artists like Rosalía and Marshmello have further enriched the brand's appeal.

While the exact taste of these limited-edition beverages remains a mystery, Coca-Cola assures consumers that they maintain an 85% to 90% Coke flavor profile with a 10% to 15% twist of something unexpected. These flavors are not meant to become permanent fixtures; they're designed to captivate and engage consumers, testing the boundaries of taste and imagination.


Coca-Cola Y3000's AI-inspired taste and packaging represent a significant step in the evolution of soft drinks. As Coca-Cola seeks to stay relevant in a changing consumer landscape, embracing AI as a creative partner has proven to be a bold and exciting move. The future of soda is not only about what's in the can but also about the experiences it can offer. Coca-Cola is redefining the boundaries of flavor innovation and setting the stage for what the future of soft drinks might taste like.

Article Source: CNN

Ramidash Maruf contributed to the original CNN report



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