Silicon Valley Track

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Regional AI Track

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Who We Are

​Your Solution to Make Sensory Science Simple

Since 2000s, Ajinomatrix has been stuyding how to make users’ lives easier by offering a wide range of services through an extensive open source platform. We believe that there’s a fast solution to everything — and with industry experts committed to simplifying the user experience, Ajinomatrix guarantees life changing results that last.


What started off as an App to tackle one specific industry, has turned into an automated and intricate development that is managing to make a breakthrough in the industry.


Start your journey with us and simplify your life today!


Our Team

François Wayenberg: Entepreneur, inventor, joint-ventures, engineering, research, food and beverage industry, AI, pioneering, awards

François Wayenberg

Founder & CEO

Several years in a top level world second largest Japanese trading company in food R&D, initiating the present project at research level, 20 years ago. Work with top of the line projects, winning world-level awards including from UNESCO, experience working with NASA and advanced experimental projects in Israel related to defense and it’s future organization. Author of 24 books since 2017, poet and cinematograph. Inventor and serial entrepreneur with successful track record as an economist, Founder institute graduate, and industrial collaborator at the polytechnics faculty at the AI lab of the university of Brussels.

Joel Bellenson: Entrepreneur, biochemist, bio-informaticist, factory and farm automation engineer, inventor, author and founder of pioneering companies in large scale data mining, bioinformatics, electronics, new media, healthcare products, agriculture and sustainable energy sectors

Joel Bellenson

CPO & VP of Research

30 years of executive experience in agriculture and biochemical businesses. The companies he has co-founded have attracted over $100 million dollars of investment. A Fortune 500 company acquired one of his companies. He took another to the public market. CEO & Chief Scientist, DigiScents, DNA sequenced the human neuroreceptors for fragrance and flavour; Developed the first digital scent synthesizer from primary fragrances and flavours; 

CEO & Co-founder, DoubleTwist, first to annotate the Human Genome.

Inventor, Founder and Manager of DNA Core Facility Robotic Equipment and Services, Stanford University Medical Center.

Christian du Jardin: entrepreneur, leadership, AI, food and beverage industry, start up, design thinking, innovation

Christian du Jardin


20 years business expertise in senior marketing, strategy and communication roles in blue chips companies of the food and beverage industry (Unilever, Pepsico Restaurant International) in Belgium and Europe. Founder and managing partner in 2014 of Kera Way Consulting to mentor C-levels and management teams facing growth and change challenges (reference clients Deloitte, bpost, BNP Paribas AM, …). AI Orange Belt certified (November 2019). Author and keynote speaker of the book “Manager 3.0 – seven principles to manage the change induced by AI” (released May 2020 in French). Agreed consultant facilitator by the Digital Wallonia program (2021).

Loves and multiple trips to India. Practices mindfulness. Has set up in 2019 the Centre Psyché, a multidisciplinary center to help people in situation of stress, burn out and life transition

Sarah Lemaire: ethical, beliefs, freedom, controlled environments, AI, fair, nature

Sarah Lemaire

Ethics Manager

Graduated from the Free University of Brussels in International Relations and Religious and Secular Sciences in 2016. Committed, dreamy, and sensitive, she fights for tomorrow’s world respecting our humanity and our connection to nature. 

We are in the 21st century and artificial intelligence is a promise of liberation from modern servitude. Like every invention, it can be used for better or for worse. It is up to us to draw up ethical and moral codes at the heart of technological agency so that our power is as fair as possible.