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Science Lab

What kind of food scientist are you?

There's an opportunity for evolution in the food sensory field. Join us and become a part of it!

Do you seek ingredients like a bee?

Do you memorize scents and taste like a young salmon?

Do you inspect for quality like a lynx?

Do you store away your results like a squirrel?

Are you in research?

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Let's investigate!

The Bee:

Ajinomatrix helps you find the ingredients you need so you’ll make the right decisions every time.


Our e-market is your source for sensory ingredients.

The Salmon:

Ajinomatrix gives you unlimited access to accurate and easy to interpret data that’s ready when you need it.


Our exclusive file system is only available with us so you can digitize the taste of food items for the long term.

The Lynx:

Ajinomatrix ranking system uses artificial intelligence to create high quality, better-than before products through smart data analysis and conclusions.


Our Quality Label uses smart software to analyze and improve food quality and set a high standard.

The Squirrel:

Never lose your data again and be confident that what you need will be secure and at your fingertips when you need it.


Our safe scent database vault is exactly what you need to store the valuable data you've worked so hard to collect.

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It’s easy to work out a solution with our software and services!

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