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Be on the page! Project PAJX: Ajinomatrix’s Bold Leap Forward in the Sensory Digitization World

From Pioneering Sensory Innovations to Culinary Breakthroughs, Ajinomatrix Leads the Charge

In an industry marked by rapid innovation and transformative breakthroughs, Ajinomatrix stands out not just for our technological ingenuity but also for our commitment to sustainability and flavor. Following a thought-provoking exit proposal, we are thrilled to share our latest strides forward with the global food community.

A as in Ajinomatrix - (AJX)

Project PAJX: A Unified Vision

With an eye towards the future and our roots firmly grounded in our mission, Ajinomatrix is proud to announce the strategic unification of our three key initiatives into one consolidated powerhouse: Project PAJX. This merger of our startup culture, foundational principles, and BSPG innovation represents a new chapter in our journey. Project PAJX is set to redefine the global food landscape, combining sensory and extra-sensory innovations to create sustainable solutions that resonate worldwide. We thought of this as we received our first informal proposal for an exit, as a form of "countermeasure"....

A Culinary Milestone: Our Largest Contract Yet

Our journey through the innovative terrains of taste and aroma has led to a remarkable achievement: securing our largest contract to date, a €50,000 initiative to develop the world's best vegan sausage. This venture has united us with a former top executive from the flavor and fragrance industry in Germany, targeting the discerning palates of the Japanese market. This significant partnership not only highlights the industry's confidence in our capabilities but also sets a new operational benchmark for Ajinomatrix.

Expanding Our Culinary Influence

Building on our recent successes, including the beloved French Vegan Croissant, we are now setting our sights on redefining another culinary staple—the Vegan CurryWurst. Led by a famed flavor expert in Japan, this project leverages state-of-the-art taste labs to craft a flavor profile that is unparalleled, affirming our role as the A-Team of taste development—a title we wear with pride and a nod to our unmatched expertise in the field. We are thus now called as of the A-Team of health products development and this worldwide.

Exceptional Market Traction and Forward Momentum

Our showcase at CES 2024 ignited significant interest, translating into €130,000 in pre-orders from key Asian markets. These achievements have propelled our projected turnover for 2024 to €330,000, with the trajectory poised to hit €1 million by 2025, further buoyed by our recent advancements in vegan sausage development.

As we continue to navigate the exciting challenges of the food tech landscape, Ajinomatrix remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in food innovation. With a firm eye on sustainability, exceptional flavor, and global market needs, we are not just participating in the industry—we are leading it.

Yours truthfully,

The Ajinomatrix and PAJX teams



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