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Reaching for the Stars: Ajinomatrix's Journey into Space-Grade Food Innovation

We're thrilled to announce that one of our own, François, our CEO, has been selected to participate in the prestigious EIIS Space Entrepreneurship Master's Program, sponsored by Airbus. This marks a significant leap not just for François but for Ajinomatrix as a whole, as we endeavor to bring the stringent quality control (QC) standards of the space industry to our earthbound clients.

 The vastness of space demands excellence at every turn, and so does Ajinomatrix.

In the realm of space, there is no margin for error. Quality control is paramount, as the slightest oversight can have monumental consequences. This level of precision is what François is set to master and bring back to Ajinomatrix's operations. By applying these rigorous standards, we aim to elevate the quality of our food technology solutions, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best - products that are quite literally 'out of this world'.

During the Master's program, François will delve into developing experimental use of smart greenhouses for space biospheres – a groundbreaking concept that promises to revolutionize the way astronauts are fed during long haul space travel.

This research will not only contribute to sustaining life beyond our planet but also offers profound implications for food production here on Earth. The advanced techniques and technologies honed for space are set to enhance our product range, offering Ajinomatrix's clients food products with superior quality, sustainability, and nutrition.

Imagine enjoying food with the assurance that it meets the highest standards of safety and quality – the same standards used to feed astronauts on critical space missions. That's the promise Ajinomatrix is gearing up to fulfill. The innovations borne from this venture will trickle down to every aspect of our services, from the way we process ingredients to our end products.

Stay tuned as we embark on this stellar journey of innovation and quality. With Ajinomatrix, the future of food tech is not just about reaching new heights – it's about redefining them.

Join us as we set a new course for excellence



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