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Introducing mp6 – The Future of Sensory Perception Measurement including for FoodTech

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Ever wondered if we could 'listen' to flavors or 'watch' aromas?

At Ajinomatrix, we've always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of sensory perception and understanding. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation that might just redefine the future of sensory evaluation – introducing mp6.

What's mp6?

Much like an MP3 file captures the essence of music in a digital format, mp6 aims to encapsulate the intricate sensory symphony of taste and aroma. It's a revolutionary standard that seeks to measure not just the five traditional senses but also the often-overlooked sixth sense: intuition.

Why is it groundbreaking?

Most sensory evaluation methods tend to offer a 'snapshot' of the sensory experience. mp6, on the other hand, captures the sequential nature of our sensory perceptions. Think of it as the difference between a still photo and a video. With mp6, we can track the evolution of taste and aroma perceptions over time, offering a richer, more complete understanding.

But why "mp6"?

The rationale behind the name is fascinating! Just as music plays out over time with its harmonies, beats, and sequences, our sensory experiences, especially taste and aroma, also unfold in a unique sequence. Our new methodology captures this sequentiality, making the association with music files both poetic and scientifically meaningful.

Dive Deeper

We've put together an extensive white paper detailing the science, the potential, and the innovative applications of the mp6 standard. It's a deep dive into the exciting world of sensory science, sequenced sensory perceptions, and their implications for industries ranging from food and beverages to perfumery.

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Join the Sensory Revolution!

As we pioneer this new frontier, we invite researchers, food technologists, aroma experts, and curious minds everywhere to delve into the mp6 world. Let's explore, challenge, and further this new paradigm together.

Remember to sign up for our newsletter for more updates, and do share your thoughts and feedback on mp6 with us. Here's to a future where we can 'listen' to our food and 'feel' our fragrances in ways we never imagined!

Stay curious, The Ajinomatrix Team


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