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EIT Digital cites Ajinomatrix as an example in their strategic public workshops

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

During a public strategic workshop today, the European Innovation Agency EIT Digital has cited as an example of a success story, in front of a large audience !

Exerpt from the conference:

"(...) Next we have Ajinomatrix. Aiinomatrix is a Belgian based venture was founded in 2020 with an expertise in AI digitalization, large data, food science and open source with existing preceding funding. I'm always intrigued by this company. They use AI and sensory software to digitize the measurement of taste and smell for food. They were successful and the 2022 innovation factory submitting under the digital industry focus area EIT Digital supported their partnership with the University of Helsinki who provided data analytics capabilities. " Morgan Gillis, EIT Digital, Director, Western Region.


... And again on 27 Sept. 2023, on another strategic workshop, we have been cited in exmaple in front of an audience of over 250 prospects for the prgoramme.

It's truly an honor to be repeatedly recognized by an esteemed institution like EIT Digital. Their acknowledgment stands testament not only to Ajinomatrix's dedication but also to our team's relentless pursuit of innovation. We embarked on this journey with the Open Innovation Program of EIT Digital with an unwavering commitment to lead, to learn, and to excel. To be showcased as a success story on multiple occasions, amidst a plethora of potential candidates, deeply humbles us.

Being hailed as a "good student" in the realm of digital innovation is both an accolade and a responsibility. It drives home the point that when purposeful innovation meets the right support and environment, magic happens. Ajinomatrix has always believed in pushing boundaries, and with the continued support and mentorship from platforms like the EIT Digital Open Innovation Program, we're poised to set newer benchmarks.

As we reflect upon these acknowledgments, it only emboldens our resolve to keep the momentum going. We are deeply grateful to EIT Digital for their unwavering belief in our vision and their consistent support. This journey has been one of collaboration, growth, and mutual respect. We're excited about what the future holds and are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence in all endeavors.

Here's to more innovations, breakthroughs, and shared successes. Together, we are shaping the future of FoodTech. 🍾🥂



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