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Ajinomatrix is celebating!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The time has come! Ajinomatrix is founded! Let’s celebrate!

Ending 20 years+ of ad-hoc research, and working with several world renowned researchers, Ajinomatrix is now incorporated, both in Jerusalem, Israel and Belgium.

It’s very exciting for us to announce as well that we are entering a collaboration with Mons University and the NumedIArt Lab, during the Shake-Up prototyping event, in order to produce a proof of concept based on our previous work.

We wish to thank Fromagerie Herve and Meurice Institute, who supplied the data for the initial tests at the university of Mons.

As from the feedback we received, we are pleased to inform you that we are progressing a lot on our project, and that our products will be available soon, as we are progressing on the partnership side.

This project received the support of the CLICK in the framework of the FEDER project Digistorm, co-financed by the EU and the Walloon region.



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