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The Ajinomatrix Foundation is on it's way!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Preservation of taste and smell as a heritage is no joke! We could compare this initiative to the Cousteau Foundation for the preservation of marine life, but in this case it is a human heritage that is in question. Be ready to get involved in preservating your family assets in terms of sensory, recipes, etc... street food, and you know what! Become member to the Ajinomatrix Foundation! (coming soon!)

We are exhilarated to announce the forthcoming launch of the Ajinomatrix Foundation, an initiative deeply rooted in the preservation and celebration of our global culinary and sensory heritage. Inspired by visionary institutions such as the Cousteau Foundation, which dedicated itself to the protection and understanding of marine life, the Ajinomatrix Foundation has a similar vision but focused on a heritage that is integral to our shared human experience: the realm of taste and smell.

Our senses, particularly those of taste and smell, not only allow us to enjoy the world around us but also form the core of our shared cultural experiences and memories. From family recipes passed down through generations to the aroma of street food wafting through bustling markets, these sensory experiences are fragments of our collective history. However, just as marine ecosystems face threats, so does our global sensory heritage.

With as our platform, the Ajinomatrix Foundation aims to be a beacon of hope and a place of action. It strives to document, safeguard, and promote the diverse range of flavors, aromas, and recipes that have graced our palates and shaped our cultures for millennia.

But we cannot do this alone.

We invite you, our community, to be active participants in this mission. Whether it's sharing your grandmother's treasured recipe, chronicling the aromatic journey of your favorite local dish, or supporting our cause as members, your involvement will be instrumental. By joining hands, we can ensure that our future generations inherit not only the recipes but the stories, the memories, and the sensory experiences that they encapsulate.

The legacy of food and aroma is vast, intricate, and invaluable. It’s a legacy worth preserving for the generations to come. Become a part of this grand vision and join the Ajinomatrix Foundation. Membership details and more exciting updates are on the horizon – stay tuned!

Your continued support and engagement will shape the foundation's success and help in preserving the rich heritage of our global culinary and sensory legacy.



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