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New Frontier: Uniting the Beaubbles champagnotheque, Ajinomatrix, & VirtualPalace for unprecedented VR Experiences & Research

Updated: May 15

In an era where the boundaries of technology and sensory experience continue to blur, a thrilling new collaboration emerges, promising to redefine the immersive experience landscape. Eric Vauthier, the visionary behind the iconic CyberTheatre (AVENUE CyberTheater in Brussels), and François Wayenberg one of it’s former top technical executives, are joining forces with the innovative teams at Beaubbles the champagnotheque, Ajinomatrix's VR Labs, and the VirtualPalace. This upcoming partnership is not just a merging of minds but a confluence of award-winning innovation, advanced technology, and a shared vision to push the boundaries of virtual reality and sensory experiences.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Eric Vauthier and François Wayenberg are not new to the landscape of digital innovation. Their journey began with the CyberTheatre, a pioneering project that received the prestigious Best of the Web award from UNESCO in 1996 and 1997. Their work has consistently set the standard for what is possible in the digital domain, blending artistic, tech expression with groundbreaking technology.

The CyberTheatre was more than a venue; it was a cultural phenomenon that combined the arts and technology in ways never seen before. Articles in Wired magazine highlighted how this project brought multimedia and cultural values together and described it as a European dream job that launched the CyberTheatre. These stories captured the essence of an endeavor that was so much ahead of its time, influencing a generation of digital creativity.

Introducing the New Synergy: Beaubbles, Ajinomatrix, and VirtualPalace

Now, this team is embarking on a new project that aims to integrate the luxurious experience of Beaubbles, the innovative research of Ajinomatrix's VR Labs, and the immersive environment of the VirtualPalace. This collaboration is on to create a multi-sensory VR experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Beaubbles: The Essence of Luxury

The Beaubbles Champagnothèque is more than just a venue for champagne lovers; it's an experience that caters to those who seek luxury and sophistication. With its vast collection of fine champagnes and its commitment to providing a premium experience, Beaubbles represents the pinnacle of indulgence. This collaboration will see Beaubbles integrate its high standards and top class ambiance into the VirtualPalace, enhancing the VR experience with the elegance and refinement of the world’s finest champagnes.

VirtualPalace: A Journey Through Myth and Technology

The VirtualPalace continues the legacy of the CyberTheatre, transforming a historical space into a hub of modern VR experiences. Inspired by Greek mythology and the epic journey of Odysseus, the VirtualPalace offers an odyssey through time, myth, and technology. This venue is designed to be a temple of VR, where audiences can immerse themselves in stories old and new, surrounded by the beauty and drama of ancient myths. Ajinomatrix would extend the sensory experiences made available to the audience, together with it’s partnering companies’ consortium.

Ajinomatrix VR Labs: Pioneering the Future of Sensory Experiences

Ajinomatrix's VR Labs (AJX VR Labs) fresh new department is at the forefront of sensory technology research. With the addition of Joel Lloyd Bellenson, the founder of the iSmell device and a pioneer in internet smell diffusion, the labs are set to revolutionize the way we experience virtual worlds. Bellenson's expertise we believe will enable the integration of scent into VR experiences, making them more immersive and realistic than ever before, with the participation of Ajinomatrix partners’ top skills in scent diffusion.

The Vision: A Multi-Sensory VR Experience

This partnership aims to create a VR experience that is not just seen and heard but felt and smelled. Imagine walking through the mythical forests of Arcadia, the scent of pine and earth filling the air, or exploring the underwater realm of Poseidon, with the fresh aroma of the ocean surrounding you. With Bellenson's technology heritage, orchestrated by Ajinomatrix partners, these experiences are set to transcend the visual and auditory, offering a truly multi-sensory journey.

Combining Forces for a New Era of Immersive Experiences

  • Luxury and Elegance: Beaubbles brings the luxury of the finest champagnes, which will be integrated into VR experiences as part of a post-journey relaxation and reflection phase, enhancing the narrative of indulgence and reward:

  • Myth and Technology: The VirtualPalace’s mythologically themed environments may be enriched with the scents of the ancient world, from the smoky battlefields of Troy to the fragrant gardens of Hesperides, all powered by Ajinomatrix’s & partners technology.

  • Research and Innovation: AJX VR Labs will work closely with the VirtualPalace to embed these olfactory experiences seamlessly into the VR narratives, ensuring they complement the visual and auditory components without overwhelming them:

Looking Ahead: A Story Worth Telling

As this partnership will evolve, the potential applications of these innovations are boundless. From educational programs that bring ancient history to life with the scents of the past to therapeutic experiences designed to relax and rejuvenate with aromatherapy, the possibilities are endless.

This ambitious collaboration between Eric Vauthier, François Wayenberg, Beaubbles, Ajinomatrix, and the VirtualPalace is a testament to the power of creative synergy.

Together, it’s setting the stage for a future where VR experiences are not just about what we see and hear but about what we feel and smell – to be creating deeper, more engaging experiences that could once again redefine the digital landscape.

The story of their collaboration is not just about technology and innovation; it's about creating a variety of experiences that enrich the human spirit and expand the horizons of what is possible.

At Ajinomatrix, we believe this is a story worth publishing in Wired, as of a narrative that captures the essence of innovation, collaboration, heritage, and the relentless pursuit of excellence!


The joined teams of the Beaubbles, VirtualPalace and Ajinomatrix.



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