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Ajinomatrix's CEO nominated industrial collaborator at University IA Lab

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

François Wayenberg, Ajinomatrix's CEO has been nominated last week unanimously by the academic council of the faculty of polytechnics as industrial collaborator at the research center in computing and decision making at the IRIDIA artificial intelligence lab lead by Pr. Hugues Bersini at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

"Thank you for your confidence and let's make history in sensory AI research!"

Bridging Industry Expertise with Academic Excellence at ULB's IRIDIA Lab

We're thrilled to share some exhilarating news from the heart of Ajinomatrix. François Wayenberg, our dynamic CEO, has been recently and unanimously nominated by the esteemed academic council of the Faculty of Polytechnics as an Industrial Collaborator at the renowned IRIDIA Artificial Intelligence Lab. This lab, a beacon of AI research, is spearheaded by the distinguished Pr. Hugues Bersini at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

This nomination is not just a testament to François's profound expertise in the field but also signifies a promising fusion between industry know-how and academic research. IRIDIA is globally recognized for its avant-garde work in computing and decision-making. With François joining the ranks, we anticipate groundbreaking strides in sensory AI research, a domain where Ajinomatrix has been relentlessly pushing the boundaries.

François remarked, "Thank you for your confidence. It's a privilege to collaborate with such a stellar team of researchers and visionaries. Together, I believe we can script a transformative chapter in sensory AI research. Let's make history!"

For more about François's journey and his association with ULB, check out the link below.

We're ecstatic about this collaboration, and we promise to keep you updated on the exciting developments that ensue. Stay tuned and, as always, thank you for being part of our journey!



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