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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

A Proud Milestone: François Wayenberg Graduates from EIT FAN / MassChallenge Switzerland

In the riveting journey of an entrepreneur, certain milestones carry profound significance. We're elated to announce one such pivotal moment in our CEO, François Wayenberg's entrepreneurial odyssey. François has recently been honored as a MassChallenge finalist and has successfully graduated from EIT FAN / MassChallenge Switzerland.

MassChallenge, a global network for innovators, is renowned for its meticulous selection process. Becoming a MassChallenge finalist is no small feat. It symbolizes not just the innovation and potential of the venture but also the relentless dedication, vision, and perseverance of the entrepreneur behind it.

From the outset, the MassChallenge program seeks to identify the crème de la crème of startups that showcase immense potential to drive positive change in their respective industries. The initial stages of the selection are incredibly competitive. Thousands of startups from across the globe vie for a coveted spot in the program. Yet, only a select few – typically around 1-2% – make it through the rigorous assessment rounds, intensive training, and mentorship phases to eventually graduate.

For Ajinomatrix, this recognition underscores our commitment to harnessing the power of AI in revolutionizing the food and beverage sector. It serves as a testament to our pioneering vision and the tangible impact we aim to create in the industry.

Reflecting on this achievement, François mentioned, "Being a MassChallenge finalist and subsequently graduating from such a prestigious program is both humbling and invigorating. The journey was intense, enlightening, and filled with invaluable learnings. I'm immensely grateful for the mentorship, the network, and the opportunities that came our way."

This accolade is not just a feather in our cap but a beacon that illuminates our path forward. With renewed vigor, we're poised to scale greater heights and continue making strides in our mission.

A hearty congratulations to François and the entire Ajinomatrix team. Here's to many more milestones and breakthroughs in our journey ahead!



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